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CLASSES & class descriptions


Beginner.. teaches in depth the correct Pilates technique to activate and strengthen the inner core, pelvic floor, address postural alignment and balance. once a deep understanding is gained the exercises will increase and build each week.

Level 1-3.. for the client that already has a good understanding of Pilates, correct use and strength of the inner core. The exercises will increase in intensity and level as the weeks progress.

Exercises will be performed on the mat and in standing with the introduction of props and equipment in some classes to help challenge or help a movement to increase ones strength and flexibility.

TheMethod@Pilates focuses on re-educating the body through ease and economy of movement and is a thorough method of physical conditioning beginning at the center of the body known as the inner core.


This class is motivating and fun but challenging as emphasis is put on building endurance, strength and alignment aiming at achieving a gracefully toned body. Due to Sandy's background and qualifications being in ballet/dance, barre technique and Pilates the elements of the 3 fitness regimes naturally integrate in this class as ALL regimes address alignment, balance and grace. The introduction of props will be used in some classes to help challenge the deeper muscles and gain a leaner and more flexible body.

PSP 4R's - restore, recover, repair, relax.

A super class created by Sandy drawing from her experience and knowledge in helping a body to repair and recover. A myofascial release class is not about intensive exercise, sweating or burning calories but a class that actually restores the health of your body and mind. The class is for anyone and everyone whether you exercise at a high level or no exercise at all. It is good for everyone to learn to slow down, breath deeper and better, train your body it is okay to be still. The class helps to increase range of motion and blood flow which is great for muscle recovery from intense workout at the gym, a job that is hard on the body and general day to day life. It will target parts of the body that are tight and fatigued therefore tension and stress are reduced in both mind and body. Built up tightness within the shoulders, scapular and rib-cage will be addressed with special exercises allowing for these areas to be opened and free. 


This is a 70 minute class created by Sandy to bring together a Pilates strength core workout but also letting the body recover all in one fabulous class. You will spend 40 minutes working on gaining a Pilates body and 30 minutes restoring the body in 4R's! Props and equipment will be used in both sections of the class to challenge and strengthen the body in Pilates and  then to help flex and repair the body in 4R's. This is a totally different class but one that will definitely be enjoyed!

PILATES FOR SPORT client specific

In these classes the Pilates exercises are geared at specific sports to help with inner core strength, balance, alignment and flexibility. The class is custom to the clients as all sports and disciplines require a slightly different way of using the body, its skeletal structure and use of muscle groups. The use of props will be introduced to challenge or help with an exercise to increase range of movement and strength.


A class that has a rehabilitative approach and is aimed at clients who require a kinder fitness regime. The exercises are modified to address issues and ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other joint problems. It is an excellent class for clients in their golden years that will still like to remain active and mobile, it is also suitable for recovery from injuries or surgery and a perfect class for clients who would like to start their fitness journey at a more gentle pace. The class focuses on postural alignment, improves co-ordination and balance due to specific exercises targeting the relevant muscles. Problems with hands, fingers, wrists and elbows are also addressed. Props and equipment are used to modify the exercises and gently help the body to increase joint mobility, build bone density, improve muscle tone and strength in the correct areas to suit the needs of the client. 


A safe form of exercise to maintain during pregnancy; we will address spinal stability and alignment, proper breathing, correct abdominal and pelvic floor control specific for pregnancy due to the core requiring greater stabilization at this time of changes in posture, weight increase and centre of balance; The class aims to help reduce discomfort throughout pregnancy as it creates strength in the Pelvic Floor, TA, Multifidus and psoas, the class can also assist in a more comfortable delivery. 

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