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about pond side pilates

The purpose built Pilates studio is nestled in the

Erin-Hillsburgh countryside surrounded by water, nature, serenity, peace and tranquility creating a natural retreat like atmosphere. After class you are welcome to take a walk around the beautiful grounds and ponds or just  sit on the dock, unwind, breath and watch the nature before you. 

The view is always breathtaking and always changing

Our policy is to offer quality not quantity, we are not a busy gym scenario, no membership ties, no gimmicks, once you try a class you will return. Most clients say there is an element of attending your own private fitness club.

We offer a variety of classes to suit every clients needs, requirements and fitness levels.

Some of the classes and names are unique to Pond Side and Sandy. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, ability to help the body heal, repair and gain inner strength has led her to create her own style to help her clients with their ease of movement. 

The focus is on re-educating the body through ease and economy of movement starting at the center of the body known as the inner-core.  

At Pond Side we can also offer exclusive fitness retreat days, a luxurious way to spend your day with a group of friends or corporate event, included is a lunch served at the grand old Victorian house, true decadence at its best.

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