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pilates studio where serenity & nature surround you

unique fitness experience 

 CLASSES CURRENTLY NOT BEING OFFERED IN THE STUDIO.                             A beautiful view is just part of the feel good factor at Pond Side Pilates.

Sandy Reeves is the owner and instructor. 

With an attentive hands on approach Sandy truly gets to know and understand the needs and requirements of her clients.

Due to her wealth of experience and knowledge Sandy can help the body to repair and become stronger.

The studio is purpose built on the edge of a natural body of water creating a calm and tranquil setting for ones mind and body.

Exclusive fitness retreat days are available.

2018-08-25 17.49.40-2.jpg
not offering new classes or taking new clients at this time due to a health hiccup

Ontario. N0B 1Z0. Canada.

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